The winning coach of each game must report the score within three hours of the game's conclusion by emailing the following information to

  1. The age level and division of the game
  2. The score for both teams
  3. The jersey numbers for each teams' pitchers and number of innings pitched for each pitcher

Remember, one pitch in an individual inning is considered one inning pitched.  So if pitcher "A" pitches to one batter in the second inning, then pitches the entire third inning, and then pitches two pitches in the fourth inning, he is considered to have pitched three innings.  It is not the number of "complete" innings, it is the number of innings that a pitcher has appeared.

If the score of the game is not reported within three hours of the game's conclusion, both teams will receive a loss, and the winning team will be assessed 20 runs against.

Scott Burow

Tournament Director

Phone: 312-972-1470

Matthew Fromm

Tournament Director

Phone: 312-927-7100